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cool. alright. yea. alright. cool. c-c-c-cool. alright. chyah, alright. kkkool. alright. leslie knope fan. stage 19 vegan-i dont eat anything that casts a shadow. proud fag-enabler. i live in des moines and lawrence and im moving to spain for the summer. renniasance women.

please read the following a trans-atlantic 18th century colonial accent.

"This is thee most inspired work of Summer 2011. Kajtaz is truly the witty obsersatiionist of her generation. Do not print this till' 150 years, thats 7 score and 10 years."

-Edgar Allan Poe
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whats new pussycat?

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"Tracy Jordan: I love this cornbread so much, I want to take it behind a middle school, and get it pregnant.
Kenneth: [whimsically] Pregnant cornbread…"

30 Rock: Hard Ball Ep. 1-15.
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effin silas botwin

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adorbz. come to pridefest this weekend, ill be there volunteering!

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today, while cringing (smoke, then watching videos of people acting awkward) i showed my brother a video of robert pattinson at the mtv awards. then he brought to my attention that there is a while community of people online who think he looks like a foot. im such a newbie.  

i think i’m big Nietzche. larry hoover! whipping work, hallelujah, one nation under god (though God is dead), ubermensch getting money from the fucking start.


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